Step2. Standard I
“To learn Hearing and to strengthen the Grounding”





After you are complete with the Basic R lecture course (after about 2 weeks to a month), you are able to apply for the Standard I lecture course.
Although you will be able to adequately channel, now you can practice yourself to see if there are any questions and problems.

I will help validate and review these skills and advance forward.




The main point of Standard I, is to learn how to refine your “grounding”.

At the moment of refining your channeling skills, the most important skill of all is “grounding” which means placing your feet on the ground.





Just like how taller a tree gets, the more roots are grown to support it.
We as humans exist beyond in the flesh, steadily giving our flesh to the earth, like roots.
No matter how high the dimension, you must have the proper roots to sustain it. If not, it will fall over.




Today, people from all over the world who are called channelers, healers and psychic, those with spiritual abilities can only channel through the Standstill Dimensions for they have such weak grounding.
This creates attachment and dependence, which is one factor why people tend to think channeling is a special ability.


(I, Rie, originally created the word the Standstill Dimension 停次元 by uniting the lower dimension 低次元. In Japanese, both of these words have the same pronunciation.
The lower dimension is not always considered unnecessary. Even in the lower dimensions, and by mixing the halting existences with channeling, you are able to create attachment.)



Of course for most psychics, they are not fully aware that they are only able to channel through the Standstill Dimension.
You are able to clearly tell when a channeler is only channeling to the Standstill Dimension. It’s as if you were looking at a psychic who is selling fraudulent items at an outrageous price or a psychic who is doing multi-level marketing.
However, most of all kind-hearted channelers or healers provide the channeling session truly cares for the client. As a matter of fact, when these channelers or healers transmit their channeling to the Standstill Dimension, their clients also begin to repeat these channeling sessions over and over again. Repeat, in another words, these channelers or healers desire their clients to not become independent. This creates a codependent relationship.

As a result, just like those suspicious physics who sell fraudulent items for an extreme price, they create dependency, which exploits the client of their money and time and also their opportunity to become independent.
These kind hearted channelers, for the sake of helping other people, tend to forget to refine their grounding when they are trying to connect to the higher dimensions. As a result, the axis of these “kind hearted” channeler’s heart becomes unstable.
Just like how a tree falls when its roots are short, you also tend to keep that one person you can rely on to not fall, thus creating a dependence way of thinking.
This is when spiritualism, without noticing, becomes a religion.





When you keep your axis, there is no reason to be puzzled about unnecessary energy.
By seeing the physical condition of your body, hearing the voice of your body, self-cleansing, place cleansing, changing your place into a power spot, and from various angles of healings, you are able to reinforce your grounding.





Also, even how many times you make a decision but changes immediately, for people who tend to become negative when they are alone, however if you heal your deep level inner-child,
you can be able to connect with your center (deep layer - outer layer / past - future / sensation - reality/ soul - body) so in your natural state, you can be more positive towards the future.




And at every important moment, you will be able to choose and meet with your innerchild.
By communicating with your innerchild, your heart will heal. And when your heart heals, it arranges your center, which improves the quality of channeling.






Provided in a much extensive lecture, you will learn from the structure of the innerchild to how to channel through another person’s innerchild.
Due to this, you are able to see the unexpected speeches of the innerchild and the appearance of the innerchild. You can have fun healing while also being able to refine your grounding.