Channeling - sixth sense / spiritual vision -





Being able to see spiritual images you’ve never seen before.
Being able to hear spiritual information you’ve never heard of before.
Is “channeling” a special power?




Nope, not at all.
As long as you’re a human, everyone possesses the ability to channel.





“Channeling” means to “connect” with something.
To make it easier to grasp, think of television and radio shows. With one push of a button, the frequency of wavelengths come together instantly, producing an image or sound.
“Channeling” can be viewed like this.




You are able to instantaneously connect in channeling, there is no need to use your think with your head anything and everything.
You might think this is hard to grasp but, in reality, just like television channels, there are many times when we instantaneously channel.






Example #1
Whenever you see television shows and movies, you don’t have to force yourself to empathize with the characters.
You are able to naturally become like the characters in the story.
Being able to feel happy and sad in that exact moment.
With you understanding the feelings of these characters, you are in other words in the state of connecting through “channeling”.




Example #2
Whenever you’re reading books or comic books, you don’t think to yourself that you are simply reading a book, instead, you are fully immersing yourself into the story.
Fully embracing yourself to the story’s settings and understanding the feelings and thought of the character as if they were a part of your own.
This is another example of “channeling”, as you are connecting to the world written in the story.




Example #3
Whenever you think of what you ate for dinner last night, you can vividly picture the meal instantaneously, right?
Well, this is another form of “channeling” by connecting to your past experiences.





All of these are examples of “channeling”.
Just by applying these simple to do channeling skills, not only that you are able to connect to TV shows, books, and your past experiences, but you are also able to do the following.



You can understand the feeling of your friends, family, loved ones, and also your pets.


Being able to bring up forgotten memories from your past or past-life.


Being able to awaken your hidden potential, your inner-child.


Being able understand your yet to be experienced future.


Staying connected to those who have passed away, such as your ancestors.


Receiving the advice from your spiritual guardians (angels/god) who always love you and guide you anywhere anytime.



Certainly everyone is capable of connecting through channeling.



Common terms such as “instinct, sixth sense, and spiritual visions” are just another way of referencing channeling.











I, Rie, with “channeling”, will show you how to communicate with the invisible and existences we don’t notice in our everyday lives, the Light Dimensions.
With this, you will be able to interpret people’s most important information safely.
The Light Dimensions are the soul, inner-child, deep-level consciousness, higher-self, guardian spirits such as angels, fairies, gods, the earth, and outer space.
I, Rie, originally created the word The Light Dimension, as it is a mix of higher dimension and light.
(Why I chose this name is because in Japanese, Higher Dimension "高次元koujigen" and the Light Dimension "光次元koujigen" both have the same pronunciation.)
It doesn’t mean having a higher “High Dimension” is best.
What matters most is to connect to light.
In other words, for the anticipation you hold everyday to brighten up your life, you are able to receive the information that matters to you most.




These existences in the Light Dimensions are not figures or shapes that the human eye can perceive, nor do they speak language.



So the channelers like me, Rie, who have obtained The Light Dimension’s information, will make it easier to understand and feel even for human beings.
So in other words, I will translate the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth senses and convey them to your normal “five senses”.




These are the commonly known skills below:



The ability to clearly hear the words of the spirits such as gods and angels from the Light Dimensions.




The ability to clearly see people or things that occurred through visual images.




The ability to clearly feel the emotions and physical sensation of other people, as if they were your own.




The ability to clearly and simply know something to be true without supporting knowledge or logic or reason.




Even for channelers, there are skills that they specialize in.
This means that you are able to expand on your existing skills to learn new skills.




I, Rie, will write a channeling message through Automatic writing, and make it available on my home page.
Automatic writing is one form of channeling skills called clairaudience.
This skill will transfer the information from the light dimension into comprehensive words.






Clairsentience, which has the biggest potential of all my skills, is put to use by expressing sympathy and empathy just like an actor does when they are acting.



I will obtain the knowledge of the truth of space and the relationship of human beings and the Earth through claircognizance and make it available on my homepage.



Talking to your pet is mainly through exchanging visual images rather than words.
When you want to communicate to your pet, put clairvoyance to use.




Again, these skills listed above are not at all general skills. However, whenever I do “healing”, I can strongly feel the sense of touch.
Expressions such as “that person smells fishy” are from the sense of smell, and the bitter and sweet memories that arise in our minds are from the sense of taste.
These are translation skills from channeling.



Polishing your sensitivity is linked to improving your channeling skills.




I personally, do not use these channeling skills for my own self-interest.
I focus on my client’s essential light and bring them closer, making them move forward by alleviating them from their troubled conditions.
By conveying received keywords, messages, visions, emotions, and senses from channeling.





Channeling is not a special ability, all human beings are naturally able to possess these abilities.




In the past, I couldn't see the spiritual visions at all.

When watching these “aura TV shows”, I always thought to myself “Unbelievable!” and “I wonder how it feels when getting a vision”.




However, we understand the true essence of channeling.
I understood that by using and becoming self-aware of our senses we use every day and practicing it, we can be able to truly bloom our channeling skills.





If you want to clearly sense my instincts, or
If you want to be a spiritual therapist, or
If you want to understand the words and messages from oracle cards without reading guidebook,



Then, this is for you!
I’m now offering “RS channeling lecture course” which guarantees in acquiring these skills all at once.